What are the Types of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the most important moments in any woman’s life. However, you need to take certain care and especially know what types of pregnancy you have.

When a woman receives the news that she is pregnant, an explosion of emotions occurs. It makes you want to cry, laugh, and at the same time, fears, doubts appear and of course the hormones don’t cooperate! The first prenatal consultation can seem like a real interrogation for the doctor and it is at that exact moment where the obstetrician will inform you which types of pregnancy she has.


And before you ask me, know that the types of pregnancy have to do with exactly how the nidation of the fertilized egg occurs. Sounds complicated, right? But, calm down! Below I will explain more about each type of pregnancy.

Intrauterine Pregnancy

Basically, this type of pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg is correctly implanted inside the uterus and develops normally, without any changes occurring. It normally lasts 40 to 42 weeks.

Ectopic Pregnancy

It is also known as an extra uterine pregnancy, meaning that the implantation takes place outside the uterus, either in the tubes or elsewhere. This type of pregnancy is dangerous and requires immediate medical treatment.

Tubal Pregnancy

Also known as tubal ectopic pregnancy, it occurs when the fertilized egg does not migrate to the uterus and implants improperly in the uterine tubes. Treatment of this type of pregnancy almost always leads to removal of the embryo or implanted fetus. It can be done through surgery and in some cases, medications can interrupt the development of the embryo.


Intra-abdominal Pregnancy

This is another rare type of pregnancy, where a fertilized egg implants and begins to develop within the woman’s abdominal cavity, instead of implanting in the uterus, as normally happens. It is also called abdominal ectopic pregnancy. Treatment typically requires surgery to remove the embryo and medical care to prevent damage to internal organs.

Simple Pregnancy

In this case it refers to a pregnancy in which the woman carries only one fetus. In other words, only one embryo has been fertilized and developed in the uterus and will soon grow into a baby. This is the most common type of pregnancy, occurring in the majority of cases.

Multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.)

Multiple or twin pregnancy occurs when the pregnancy results in the gestation of two or more fetuses. This means that there will be at least two births from the same pregnancy.

Lupus Pregnancy

There is a form of lupus known as neonatal lupus, which occurs in some babies of mothers who have lupus, who in turn have anti-Ro antibodies. These antibodies pass from mother to fetus through the placenta. One of the most common symptoms of neonatal lupus is a rash on the baby’s skin at birth. However, they disappear completely on average after six months.

High-risk Pregnancy

A high-risk pregnancy is considered when the pregnant woman or fetus faces an increased risk of complications during pregnancy, childbirth or postpartum. This condition requires more rigorous medical monitoring and special care to ensure the health of both mother and baby.

Molar Pregnancy

Among the existing types of pregnancy, this is a very rare condition. The egg is fertilized abnormally. It is characterized by the development of a tumor in the uterus instead of a fetus. There are two main types of molar pregnancies, complete molar, with abnormal tissue growth, and partial molar, with abnormal fetal growth.


Understanding each types of pregnancy is essential to receiving adequate care during this special period in a woman’s life. This way you can offer your baby or babies all the attention they need.

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