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A technology is increasingly present in our lives, helping us in different ways, even to know if we are pregnant or not. With the online pregnancy test we can find out in a matter of seconds if a baby is on the way.

Of course, when we suspect a possible pregnancy, the best thing to do is to see a doctor. But maybe you don’t feel ready for that yet. And the online pregnancy test can help you know the probabilities of pregnancy through the symptoms you may be experiencing.


The tests are very simple to do and quite efficient. Want to know more? Keep reading and discover everything related to online pregnancy tests.

How Does it Work?

In general, an online pregnancy test is a simple questionnaire with questions related to pregnancy symptoms and other important information.

I don’t know if you know, but when a woman is pregnant her body begins to go through several changes in preparation for the baby’s arrival. These changes can be both physical and hormonal, such as breasts becoming more sensitive, the belly becoming more swollen, vomiting, nausea, among others.

After finishing the online pregnancy test, a final result appears with the percentage. If the result is high, there is a high chance that you are pregnant.


Remembering that pregnancy symptoms can be felt from the first weeks of pregnancy. So, if you are in doubt and have had unprotected sex recently, the online pregnancy test can help you get an idea.

Therefore, you can take a home pregnancy test and see a doctor to confirm the result.

What are the Best Sites to Take an Online Pregnancy Test?

If you are wondering right now if you are pregnant, there are several websites that can help you get rid of your doubts. Check out the best sites to take an online pregnancy test below:

Am I Pregnant? — Symptom Checker

Pregnancy TestAmerican Pregnancy AssociationFind Out With Our Pregnancy QuizSee nowYou will be redirected to another website

If you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms or have had contraceptive failure, and want to know if you might be pregnant before taking a home test, this site is for you. The site offers a simple questionnaire, with questions about what you are feeling, your age, whether you have used any type of contraceptive, among others.

The result may take approximately 2 minutes. When you complete the questionnaire, you will receive immediate feedback via email at no cost. The email contains an evaluation so you can better understand what you are feeling and tips on how to proceed from now on.

Clearblue – Quiz

Pregnancy TestClearblueThe World’s No 1 Selling BrandSee nowYou will be redirected to another website

This is definitely one of the most popular online pregnancy tests. If you still don’t have the courage to take a home pharmacy test or even consult a doctor, with this quiz you can answer your questions wherever you are.

Just answer a quick questionnaire, with simple questions, such as when was your last period or if you are using any type of contraceptive. There are also questions about pregnancy symptoms and physical changes you may be experiencing in your body.

Based on the answers, at the end of the quiz you will receive a result with the final percentage. If it’s high, maybe a little baby is on the way!

Free Online Pregnancy Test – Am I Pregnant? Quiz

Pregnancy TestPlanned ParenthoodWe can help you figure it out.See nowYou will be redirected to another website

Certainly, a delay in menstruation is one of the symptoms that first triggers our “alarms” of a possible pregnancy. But if you want to know if you are pregnant even before you are late, you can take this free online pregnancy test. There are 13 simple questions to check what you are feeling are pregnancy symptoms and find out if you are really pregnant.

Online Pregnancy Test App Options

In addition to websites for taking an online pregnancy test, you can also download an app on your device and take the test quickly. Discover the best:

Pregnancy + | Tracker App

Do you want to find out if what you are feeling is a possible pregnancy? Well then, don’t wait any longer! In just a few minutes, the app helps you find out if you are pregnant or not. The result is based on the early signs of pregnancy that you may be starting to feel at this point. If the result is positive, the application itself provides expert tips, complete information about care during management, and much more. If you are pregnant, this tool will certainly become your best ally on this new journey.

Available for Android and iOS.

Pregnancy Test – Symptoms

This online pregnancy test app helps you find out if you are pregnant or not. Answer a complete questionnaire based on the main symptoms of pregnancy. Remembering that if the probability is high, seek a doctor immediately to confirm the result.

The app is completely free and available for iOS.

Flo Menstrual Calendar

Finally, we have this app that is really charming, as well as being very useful. The application is a complete calendar that can monitor different aspects of health, such as flow, sleep, temperature, pregnancy, mood, and even possible symptoms of illness. Thanks to this complete monitoring of your menstrual cycle, if you have had unprotected sex and were on your fertile days, the app will tell you if you are pregnant, as well as what type of care you should take from now on.

If you want to download the app on your device, it is available for Android and iOS.

The Result of the Questionnaire is Final

The question that cannot be missed! When we are unsure whether we are pregnant or not, an online pregnancy test can help a lot. However, even though they are very accurate tests, they do not replace a home test. Even so, they help us in this moment of anguish to better understand whether what we are feeling are really pregnancy symptoms. Therefore, it is always best to take a home pregnancy test and consult a doctor to be really sure.


The online pregnancy test is a quick and convenient tool to help assess the likelihood of being pregnant based on the symptoms you are experiencing.

Remember that the results of online questionnaires are not final. They can provide an initial idea, but a home pregnancy test and a doctor’s appointment are always recommended to confirm the result.

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