Applications to View Your City From Satellite

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If you are looking for applications to view your city from satellite, then you can stop here! Definitely being able to see our city from satellite, besides being very useful, is quite fun. It’s like walking through the streets without leaving home. Incredible!

For those who want to explore and get to know the city better, technology provides a series of applications to view your city from satellite. With them you can have a unique experience, discovering exclusive details of your region.


In this text, we will explore how these applications revolutionize the way we see our city, providing not only a bird’s eye view, but also valuable information and interactive experiences. Check it out below!

Google Maps

The platform is one of the most popular navigation and mapping apps in the world. It was initially launched in 2005, and since then it has become a powerful tool for millions of people.

When it comes to being able to see your city from satellite, Google Maps is certainly an expert in the field. It offers satellite images in real time, and can reach even the most remote places on our planet. Additionally, it has interesting features, such as routes, directions, traffic information, public transport schedules, and much more.

It is definitely a versatile tool that can be used both for navigating and exploring and discovering new places. It is available for Android and iOS devices.


Google Earth

Google Earth

Google Earth

Another application that you should certainly know about is Google Earth. Like the previous app, it allows you to explore the world through 3D satellite images, geographic and historical information, and a wide range of data layers.

Among the applications to view your city from satellite, this can certainly be an excellent option. In addition, you can see historic cities, tourist attractions, natural beauty, popular travel destinations and more.

It is certainly an educational tool and powerful for traveling virtually around the world. It is widely used both by the general population and by researchers and educators. Thanks to its unique view of the planet it allows users to discover and learn more about our planet. It’s really worth venturing out!

Available for Android and iOS devices.




This is another platform widely used to view satellite images on your cell phone. Unlike other apps, this one is mostly used for those who want to receive traffic information in real time. It also offers climatological information and warning emissions. It has become an excellent tool for users to reach their destination quickly and safely using the best route.

Even for those who are going to travel outside the city it can be very useful, as with Waze you can stay informed 24 hours a day and know everything that happens on the streets, such as accidents, works on the road and traffic.

It is available for Android and iOS.


Finally we arrive at Maps.Me, which despite not being as well-known as other apps, can be a good alternative for seeing your city from satellite. It contains navigation, routes, and traffic information around the world.

The most interesting thing of all is that the application allows you to access offline maps from practically anywhere. Logically, for this it is necessary to previously download the maps that will be used. This way it can be used offline, without needing an internet connection to browse.

It also has several features, such as carrying out searches without having to use an internet connection, saving favorite places, sharing location, among others. Furthermore, it has millions of collaborators around the world who always keep the maps up to date.

It is available for Android and iOS.

Advantages of Using Apps to View Your City From Satellite

Below are the main advantages of using applications to view your city from satellite:

Realistic view: The apps offer high-resolution images that provide a realistic view of the city and the environment. So you can see details, such as roads, buildings, rivers, etc.
Detailed exploration: You can explore your city and nearby areas, which can be very useful for planning routes, locating points of interest and familiarizing yourself with the geography of the location.
Improved navigation: Many of the apps are integrated with navigation features, which makes it easier to find directions and calculate routes.
Travel planning: If you are thinking about going on a trip or excursion, apps can help you identify tourist attractions, restaurants and hotels close to your destination.
Awareness of the environment: Using these apps you can increase your knowledge about your city and region, making you more aware of the environment around you.

Fun Fact: How to See Old Images of Your City With Google Maps

And since we’re talking about applications to view your city from satellite, have you ever imagined being able to see old images of the city? Google Maps allows you to “travel back in time” and see what certain places were like years ago. All of this is possible since, despite the constant image updates that Google Maps carries out, the platform manages to keep old images of certain places in its system.

Do you already want to know how to “go back to the past”? Check out a detailed step-by-step guide and try it out right now:

  • Open Google Maps on your device.
  • Type the desired location or a specific address in the search bar.
  • Then, click on “Layers”, located at the top of the screen (white circle).
  • Select the “Street View” option, and then click the “X” to exit.
  • Then click on any blue line or specific point you want to see.
  • Tap the “See more dates” link. Not all places on Google Maps have this link.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select an image from the carousel.
  • Now just enjoy the trip and see what your city was like in the past.

Too cool, right? I confess that this is one of my favorite Google Maps features. You can spend hours and hours looking at images of your city!


In short, apps to view your city from satellite offer an incredible way to explore your region. With features like high-resolution images, improved navigation, trip planning, and the ability to see your city as it was in the past, these tools are both useful and quite fun. Google Maps, Google Earth, Waze and Maps.Me are among the popular options, each with its own advantages and features. So, dive into the adventure of discovering your city and the world around you today with these incredible apps!

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