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Have you ever thought about being able to hear your baby’s heartbeat even when you’re inside your belly? This dream can now become a reality thanks to the app to listen to the baby’s heart.

It is quite common for parents to place their ears against the woman’s belly to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. With an app to listen to the baby’s heart, moms can also live this wonderful and unique experience using just their cell phone.


Furthermore, some applications even allow you to share the sounds with other family and friends. Do you want to know what the applications are? Check out the list I prepared for you below. Choose one and enjoy the moment!

FET Pregnancy Monitor

First on our list, we have this pregnancy monitor that provides crisp, crystal clear and high fidelity sound. It also has a light input in the form of an on/off button with volume control. The device saves energy and can be used while traveling, shopping or even at home. It is an excellent option for the future mother to connect with her baby in a simple and practical way. The monitor can be found on the Amazon website.

NUTOT Home Prenatal Heart Monitor

This is another excellent prenatal heart rate monitor alternative that can be used at home very easily. It has a very high quality probe, and does not emit any type of radiation. This way, you can guarantee safety so that the mother or people close to you can listen to the baby whenever you want or need to.

It also has an excellent quality speaker, which helps you easily discover the best position to listen to the baby’s heartbeat.





Bellabeat is a very interesting app to listen to the baby’s heart, as it is a kind of virtual community where pregnant women can interact and closely monitor their pregnancy at home.

It is worth highlighting that, even though it helps future mothers monitor their pregnancy at home, it does not replace medical monitoring carried out in hospitals and clinics.

Pregnancy tracker

The pregnancy tracker is a very complete application that is certainly very useful for pregnant women. With it, you can follow the entire pregnancy period and understand a little more about all the changes that are gradually happening. The most interesting thing of all is that even future dads can use it to have a more active participation during pregnancy, thus having access to information about the pregnancy and the baby.

Among its main features is the Baby Heartbeat Monitor, which allows you to listen to the baby’s heart. To do this, simply place the cell phone’s microphone on the woman’s belly and let it record the baby’s heartbeat.

Stethoscope, Telemedicine

Stethoscope, Telemedicine

Stethoscope, Telemedicine

The application can replace a traditional stethoscope if you are unable to use a common device. The same can be used with any type of headphones. Among its many features, it amplifies the sound recorded by the smartphone’s microphone by up to 3 times and can even remove noise. It also allows you to share to other devices and play the recording more than once.

Remembering that it should not be used as the only method to monitor pregnancy, but only to help during this period.

Pregnancy Tracker – Rear Windows

This app to listen to the baby’s heart, in addition to providing a unique experience, also has several features so that the mother can monitor the pregnancy carefully. The main ones are:

  • Monitoring pregnancy status weekly;
  • Detailed explanation about the state of the uterus;
  • Information about the baby’s situation;
  • Recording notes about the pregnancy;
  • Monitoring the woman’s weight;
  • Doctor appointment reminder.;

Fetal Movement Count

Have on your device a simple and efficient way to monitor your baby’s well-being throughout your pregnancy. This app to listen to the baby’s heart is highly recommended by most obstetricians. Experts recommend that after the 28th week, mothers can monitor their baby’s movement daily until delivery. This way you can know if everything is ok with your little one.


With this app you can record and track the health of your pregnancy while monitoring your baby’s heartbeat. This way, you will be able to feel closer to the baby and monitor its development over the 40 weeks. Likewise, mom can also experience other exciting features:

  • Tips and daily information about pregnancy;
  • Baby development images and baby size viewer;
  • Shot counter;
  • Reminders of items needed during pregnancy;
  • History of previous recordings;


HiMommy reveals that it is a charming app to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. It also has a pregnancy diary, counting chats and contractions, and much more.

The application can help future mothers on a daily basis on this incredible and exciting journey. It provides daily notifications and information about the baby. See other useful resources:

  • Discover incredible things that are happening in your body every day;
  • Know how fast your baby is growing each week;
  • Prepare for the birth of the little one;
  • Learn what to avoid during pregnancy;
  • Control your body weight.

Is it Possible to Listen to the Baby’s Heart Using a Cell Phone?

Is it Possible to Listen to the Baby's Heart Using a Cell Phone

Is it Possible to Listen to the Baby’s Heart Using a Cell Phone

Yes! The apps mentioned above allow you to live this wonderful experience using just your smartphone. But remember that they are only there to help you. It is not recommended to rely solely on them. It is necessary for the mother to have complete monitoring throughout the entire period of pregnancy, whether in a clinic or hospital and follow all medical instructions.


With an app to listen to the baby’s heart, you can experience special moments during pregnancy using just your smartphone. However, remember that these applications are assistance tools and do not replace adequate medical monitoring throughout the pregnancy. It is essential that the mother receives medical advice and makes regular appointments at a clinic or hospital to ensure the health of her baby and herself. So enjoy these apps as an additional way to connect with your baby and follow their incredible and exciting journey through pregnancy.

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